Erquitecturas is the line of work of NOAD Digital Culture focused on experimentation and creation of transmedia spaces.

It is an interdisciplinary and global physiognomy study, which lives at the intersection of art, architecture and technology, and in which a wide range of professionals (designers, artists, architects, animators, digital researchers, software developers, etc.), work interdependently offering advanced solutions for all types of architectural spaces.

Our intimate understanding of the artistic fact allows us to design highly aesthetic technological contents that give our clients a symbolic and differentiating value.

what is erquitectura?

ERQUITECTURA is a new concept of relating to space, in a digital and technological key, which allows infinite customization of all types of habitats and architectural spaces.

It is based on the search for innovative formulas for the creation of hybrid architectural solutions where technology communicates with the organic plane in an integrated and experiential way, creating spaces that interact interactively with the needs of the people who inhabit them.


We devised interior spaces of a technological nature for all types of residential or commercial uses using interventions of high aesthetic value and extraordinary capacity to adapt to different environments and needs.

We intervene in the public space from the awareness of the need for the construction of a technological common accessible to citizens.

We are excited to reformulate memory and heritage, through convergence with the latest tools and uses linked to new technologies to make it accessible to citizens.

In addition, our extensive experience working in scenic spaces, allows us to understand the needs of artists and help them to improve their scenic relationship with their audience.

  • Digital heritage.
  • Advanced scenic spaces.
  • Technological urban commons.
  • Transmedia habitats.
  • Hybrid commercial environments.